Expeditionary Lighting System Kit for CV-22 - applicable to other aircraft

CTSi and our partner Blue Wolf have developed the Expeditionary Lighting Kit (“ELK”), a covert lighting system for use in airborne, land and maritime missions. The system provides a tactical lighting mission kit compatible with NVIS systems that can be installed on an “as needed” basis. ELK is a portable, universal, lightweight system built for easy implementation with no airframe upgrade required. The platform has a modular design allowing it to be scaled to fit any airframe envelope and can be modified for use in cargo and ramp areas of maritime vessels and ground vehicles.

Part # VLK-09-01-M0000-01

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The Mudbucket suite of products ranges from 3U VPX Transparent I/O hardware to complete integrated systems. Contact CTSi for product availability and pricing. While the majority of current offerings serves the test community, CTSi is working on several projects to develop Mudbucket products to meet opertional platform integration needs for a variety of applications. Contact CTSi to collaborate with us to meet your unique needs.

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ASROV (Avionics System for Remotely Operated Vehicles)

The ASROV is an open-architecture, open-source, high-throughput instrumentation and control system built on the PCI-104 hardware platform. ASROV by design meets the demanding needs of unmanned aircraft research programs and can be readily adapted to the universe of potential applications within the RDT&E community.

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Acoustical Signature Identification and Tracking System

The Department of Defense (DoD) is required to manage the natural resources of each of its military reservations. This involves complying with the Endangered Species Act and specifically for the USAF, Air Force Instruction 32-7064. The AF Natural Resource Branch spends thousands of dollars documenting presence or absence of sensitive and listed species on bases. Managing the wildlife and habitat is costly in terms of time, materials, manpower, and accuracy of survey results. This SBIR addresses a new application of an existing marine technology in a terrestrial ecosystem. This new technology application will detect and locate animals based on the sounds that it emits to communicate with others. A ruggedized automated standalone acoustic detection/recorder system that listens for sounds of interest and their locations will provide a drastic reduction in costs and improve accuracy of field surveys, and build species databases.

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Multiplex Data Bus Controller/Translator Transmitter (MDBCTT "Mudbucket")

During flight operations, aircraft avionic systems must be integrated and be able to effectively communicate with each other through the use of multiplex data bus systems. The data bus controls data streams among aircraft components. Presently, testing these bus systems requires extensive flight testing that is costly and results in safety of flight issues. A critical requirement exists to be able to transparently manipulate aircraft data as it moves throughout the platform to verify and validate these systems.

Coherent Technical Services, Inc. (CTSi) developed the Mudbucket technology and validated its use controlling and manipulating the conditions within aircraft MIL-STD-1553 systems. MIL-STD-1553 is a military standard that describes mechanical, electrical and functional features of a serial data bus. CTSi began this innovation under the technical direction of the Army Aviation Flight Test Directorate (AFTD) who is building a System Test and Integration Lab (STIL) for a virtual testing environment. This technology enables combined systems of systems testing in a controlled environment and under various conditions with other Army and Department of Defense (DoD) facilities. This testing can be fully immersive, where all simulation is completely controlled by the tester, or additive, such as in flight tests where the Mudbucket can be used to enhance and add a degree of control to an open-air flight test. In addition, CTSi is developing the complementary Mudbucket ARINC 429 data bus technology which has the potential to support Army Aviation STIL test requirements and the much broader commercial aviation market. The safety risk and high cost of open air flight testing influences the degree to which the aviation test and evaluator can observe responses to variable aircraft and system states. Full involvement, system-to-systems integration and testing are mandatory to meet Army future force requirements.

2012 Commercialization Brochure (FINAL 30 March 2012)

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