CTSi Services

Systems Engineering

At CTSi we combine our technical understanding and background with the best practice processes and procedures. We provide cradle to grave expertise and understanding, with an emphasis on early Research and Development programs. We analyze the end users needs to develop requirements for both small programs and large. We have developed the tools and processes needed to monitor performance as the programs move into development and execution, and we work with our customers to ensure that we maintain options for future growth.

Technical Management

Our program managers are skilled and experienced at working Research and Development programs. We have learned to scope and plan for the ‘unkown unknowns.’ Our program managers have the skills required to build a team to attack a problem, and then disperse that team when that issue is resolved. Our program managers have the autonomy to innovate and develop solutions when it is needed, and the experience to avoid situations where they are "re-inventing the wheel"

Training Courses

CTSi has developed specialized training courses in the area of Precision GPS (PGPS) and for requirements development based on Use-Cases. Our PGPS courses include 3-5 day detailed technical classes that begin with an introduction to GPS, and go all the way through to developing and analyzing integrity monitors. Our customers include the US Air Force, US Navy, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and others. We also have shorter introduction to PGPS courses targeted to the decision makers and managers that have a need to understand the basic principles of PGPS, but do not necessarily require the detailed understanding of algorithms and software.

Fabrication Services

See what CTSi can do for your prototype machining, electro mechanical assembly, composite, and circuit board design and assembly needs in our fabrication services section.